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Saturday San Ramon Farmers Market

Oct 5, 2019

Join us at our California Certified Farmers Market, managed by Local Roots, a local non-profit.

Love milk again with Alexandre Family Farm!

Quickly becoming a hit at the market is Alexandre Family Farm’s 6% cream-top milk flavored milks, and creams from pasture-raised A2 cows. Milk is ultra-creamy and loaded with nutrition. Cows are a special breed that produce 100% A2/A2 milk protein which makes it easier to digest. Cows enjoy roaming lush, green, coastal pastures on their 5th generation family farm in Crescent City. A market favorite is the Ginger Turmeric milk and their new organic pasture-raised eggs. Hen’s share the beautiful Pacific outdoors with the dairy cows and live in mobile coops!

Music: The Usual Suspects Bluegrass Trio. The Band includes three well-known musicians from Northern CA that perform traditional bluegrass music. The tight-knit trio is known for their high energy and harmonies that delivers foot-stomping, hard-driving traditional bluegrass music and soulful gospels.


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