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Meet Gunjan Madan owner of Social Affair Lounge

Hello my name is Gunjan and this is my story

Born in 1979 (yes, I am the 70’s generation) in New Delhi, India, I was a very carefree, ‘living in the moment’ young girl, who soon started fighting the ways of society and making my own. Childhood was over in the blink of an eye, and I found myself living my dad’s dream in the States. Mechanical Engineering at an esteemed university (Villanova in Philadelphia) promised a comfortable life and a streamlined future. But it didn’t satisfy the spontaneity and thrill that I was looking for.

After getting a bachelor’s degree and making my father proud, I decided to pursue my own calling. A degree in Graphic Design at UC Berkeley was next in line. I absolutely loved every moment of those 3 years and landed up doing an internship with an ex-designer from Pottery Barn. In the meanwhile, I had become a mum and life felt all fulfilling and complete. The training with my amazing mentor helped me get another internship at Pottery Barn Kids where I spent the next 13 months working as an assistant designer. My hand-painted designs were soon to see the light of stores, which was very encouraging. Things were on a roll and they led me to a full-time gig at a well-known design agency. Life was revealing itself in mysterious ways while making me realize my potential. I was craving for more, more creativity, more use of my strengths and more exploration. Putting things together in the most unique way possible had become my forte. Without putting in a lot of thought, I followed my intuition and enrolled myself at the Academy of Art in San Francisco in the Master of Arts program specializing in Fashion Merchandising. My passion led me to ace every course I took, and my thesis found its way to the archives. I also got the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy as a part of this degree, which added to my overall knowledge and portfolio. The saying, “Man proposes, God disposes”, applied very well to my ever changing career. I was called to work for Walmart Labs as a Visual Search Analyst and train AI models for fashion. But life had other plans altogether.

Sitting out on the porch one day, on a sunny afternoon in 2017, with a few friends, came to the biggest decision of my life. I was soon to become an entrepreneur. My love for hosting was going to be extended to everyone. The journey of Social-Affair had started. It’s been 9 months since our doors opened and I cannot be more grateful and humbled by the love and response we have received. I wish to continue learning and evolving as an individual both professionally and personally. Life has taught me to bow and surrender to whatever comes, because it’s always for you, not against you.

Cheers to many more beautiful beginnings and worthy ends!