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Live Art Thursdays

Sep 16, 2021

Save your 3rd Thursdays now through October for a chance to watch mural art being created live in City Center’s Alexander Square.

On Sept 16, talented and recognized local street artists will be painting on 5 x 8 feet canvases, using various media. Visitors to the immersive art experience will be able to talk with the artists while they work – though only the artists will be putting paint to canvas. Adding to the street art feel of the events will be tunes by a local DJ.

The open-air creative sessions will begin at 4 pm and run until 8 pm. Each event will include two to three Bay Area artists painting in the tree-shaded space alongside the fountain in Alexander Square.

Live Art Thursdays will wrap up on  Thursday, October 21 when City Center Bishop Ranch hosts an open house art show featuring the live art canvases painted over the previous three months. The event will be open to the public, and in addition to the newly painted canvases, will include other art for sale by the artists.

Live Art Thursdays will bring the creative process to life, from blank canvas to finished piece.


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Nora Bruhn

Nora Bruhn is a Bay Area-based artist. She finds herself with one foot in the city and the other in the forests, deserts, and waterways of California. She paints large-scale murals of flowers cast in dramatic lighting. A perfect ménage of nature, femininity, and sexuality. She currently enjoys the sweet and subversive act of leaving huge, sensuousm, petals everywhere she goes. Find her at konorebi.com


Cameron "Camer1" Moberg's art often has a theme of life, nature, positivity and spirituality. Growing up surrounded by concrete buildings and urban blight, Cameron wanted to contrast his surroundings by changing the mood of his community. Bringing nature in to a place where nature is lacking can often inspire and bring warmth to a cold, hard environment. Painting things of love and hope can often help someone make better decisions and continue persevering in hard times. Cameron resides in San Francisco with his wife and two sons where he paints mural and canvases. He is heavily involved in his community teaching classes for all ages. He curates gallery shows and art festivals as his desire is to see other artists pursue their passion or art and business.

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Bird Painting at Live Art Thursdays


Tiger Painting at Live Art Thursdays


Live Art Thursdays

Mister Toledo

Live Art Thursdays


Live Art Thursdays

Alice Lee

Mushroom Painting at Live Art Thursdays

Lord Rebuke

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Fine and Abstract Art

Ricky Watts



Butterfly Painting


Live Art at City Center Bishop Ranch


Beautiful Flower Painting


Amazing Face Painting at CCBR


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